Tijuana, Mexico – HIM – 2019

Partnering with Harvest International Ministry we ministered in Tijuana, Mexico. We shared in churches, brought the message of salvation to the streets of the Red Light district, witnessed to families in the Park Outreach, prayed for the sick at the hospital and rehabilitation center. We saw healings and so many salvations.

Tijuana, Mexico – “Rancho De Sus Ninos” – 2018

Bringing the practical love of God to Rancho De Sus Ninos orphanage. We played with the children, ministered in church services, cleaned trash, poured concrete and changed lives through Christ’s love.  

Tijuana, Mexico – “Rancho De Sus Ninos” – 2015

This mission trip we called, “Redeemed” where the Love of the Father was revealed to the Rancho kids at Rancho De Sus Ninos. This team was lead by Chris & Cassandra Bair. Ministering to both physical and spiritual needs though various ministries including Rancho’s Daycare Center, Trash Ministry, and helping with construction projects. The Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of the children and families and left a powerful impact on everyone including the Summit team. We witnessed many healings and salvations. Here is video of the great things God did at Rancho!

Tijuana, Mexico – “Rancho De Sus Ninos” – 2013

In July of 2013, a team of 30 lead by Pastor Andrew Hopkins went to Rancho de Sus Ninos, a missions base/church/orphanage and more in Tijuana, Mexico. We participated in service projects, kids ministry, door to door outreach and mini-crusades. Through partnering with this great ministry, we saw many people accept Lord Jesus as their Savior, people supernaturally healed by the power of God, and many kids experiencing God’s love and joy. We not only worked hard in the ministry of evangelism, we also worked hard making concrete and helping build a new facility. Our worship team even had an opportunity to lead worship in the devotional time which opened up a door to lead worship at a conference they were hosting with Banning Liebscher and Derek Johnson from Jesus Culture! Website to Rancho –


Overall, we saw many receive supernatural healing and around 100 people receive Jesus in their heart!

Mexico City, Mexico – 2007

In July of 2007, pastors Daniel and Theresa Jones led a team of thirteen short-term missionaries from Summit to Mexico City, Mexico, where we were joined by team ‘Todos debien saber’ (Everyone ought to know) under the leadership of Missionary Ted Russell. The two teams combined their skills and presented dramas, skits, songs, dances, mimes and clowning. Performances were given in many venues including the Zo’calo (square in Mexico City), streets, parks and local churches. We performed in an auditorium packed with children and saw a huge harvest of both children and adults! Over 350 souls were won to the Lord and miraculous healings occurred throughout the trip. We thank God for such an awesome trip!

Mexico – 2004

 A Summit team of fifty people to Mexico for a mission trip. The team reached out to the community through a street carnival. The team ministered to the children through the arts: drama, dance, mime, and street witnessing.