North America

Tijuana, Mexico, “HIM”  –  2019

Summit Adventures led by Pastors Taylor Jensen & Theresa Jones combined with HIM for a Tijuana Transformation Trip, Summit Adventures brought a team of (11) on this amazing missions  trip. We saw over 400 souls saved, 600 healings, deaf ears opened, blind eyes healed, backs, necks, tumors dissolved, arthritis healed, and deliverance from the demonic.  The team ministered in hospitals, rehab centers, churches, parks, and street evangelism in the Red light district. We experienced powerful demonstrations of God’s love on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. 

Los Angeles Dream Center –  2018

Summit Adventures led by Peter Whittet, brought a team to LA Dream Center for an inner city missions  trip. The team shared the love of Jesus through Adopt-A-Block, Kid’s Jam outreach, youth ministry, and street evangelism on skid row.  They met the practical needs of the poor through food distributions, and clothing give aways. They also prayed for the sick and shared the gospel with the lost and broken. The team encountered the love of God through serving others, and seeing a need and filling it. 

Tijuana, Mexico  “Rancho De Sus Ninos” – 2018

Summit Adventures led by Taylor Jensen and David Knox brought a team to “Rancho De Sus Ninos” Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico. The team from Summit participated in many different types of practical ministry which included: laying cement, building foundations for new buildings, roofing homes, and removing trash from local communities.  We also ministered to around 200 kids from the impoverished neighborhood in the kids ministry.  We prayed for the sick and shared the gospel with the lost.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands- 2015

In May a team led by Taylor Jensen embarked on a mission trip to St. Croix. Working with the local churches and ministries, our team went through this Caribbean island with a message of hope and belonging to a broken people. We served at local orphanages, ministered at drug rehabilitation homes, and trained/equipped local churches on how to hear God’s voice and minister to their own people. We saw many salvations and radical healings such as: a tumor shrinking, cancer being healed, and patients standing up out of hospital beds, proclaiming healing within their bodies. This team was featured on a Radio Program all throughout the Virgin Islands, proclaiming God’s love and healing in the land.

Tijuana, Mexico – “Rancho De Sus Ninos” – 2015

This mission trip we called, “Redeemed” where the Love of the Father was revealed to the Rancho kids at Rancho De Sus Ninos. This team was lead by Chris & Cassandra Bair. Ministering to both physical and spiritual needs though various ministries including Rancho’s Daycare Center, Trash Ministry, and helping with construction projects. The Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of the children and families and left a powerful impact on everyone including the Summit team. We witnessed many healings and salvations. Here is video of the great things God did at Rancho!

“Hometown Revival”  San Marcos, California – 2015

With a heart to reach our own city with the good news of Jesus, a team of 9, led by Pastor Andrew & Rochelle Hopkins impacted the people of North County San Diego. We were also joined throughout the week by various members of our church who were eager to reach the city!

We went on “blessing patrol” and gave out gift cards, prayed for people and shared the Gospel in various places.  We blessed local businesses with business and prayer, we ministered to church members & their families, went on a supernatural Treasure Hunt, blessed our fire departments with gifts, food and prayer, conducted a Good Friday service at a local senior community, and played a concert at Cruisin’ Grand Escondido. We also culminated our nights with local park outreaches that included free food, skits, face painting and balloons for the kids, and a Gospel message.

Overall, we saw many receive supernatural healing and around 100 people receive Jesus in their heart!

Tijuana, Mexico – “Rancho De Sus Ninos” – 2013

In July of 2013, a team of 30 lead by Pastor Andrew Hopkins went to Rancho de Sus Ninos, a missions base/church/orphanage and more in Tijuana, Mexico. We participated in service projects, kids ministry, door to door outreach and mini-crusades. Through partnering with this great ministry, we saw many people accept the Lord Jesus as their Savior, people supernaturally healed by the power of God, and many kids experience God’s love and joy. We not only worked hard in the ministry of evangelism, we also worked hard making concrete and helping build a new facility. Our worship team even had an opportunity to lead worship in the devotional time which opened up a door to lead worship at a conference they were hosting with Banning Liebscher and Derek Johnson from Jesus Culture! Website to Rancho –

Los Angeles Dream Center, California – 2012

Dream Team of 19 members from Summit, experienced six life-changing days at the L.A. Dream Center. This short term mission trip we parternered with the L.A. Dream Center to hit the streets of Los Angeles, our mission was to reconnect people who have been isolated by poverty, substance abuse, gangs, imprisonment, homelessness, abuse, and neglect to a community of support to meet their physical and spiritual needs. We participated in Adopt-a-block, food trucks, Skid Row/Under-the-bridge, Project Prevention, and Kid’s Jam in the Watts, South Central, Compton, Crenshaw communities, and downtown L.A.

We saw lives touched, as we ministered to the lost and broken. We saw 109 people receive salvation as they dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ. We prayed and saw many physical healings. It was a life changing mission trip as the Love of God was expressed in so many ways. The Lord gave us Psalm 126 for this trip.

Psalm 126:1- “It seemed like a dream, too good to be true, when God returned the captives…”

Oceanside Pier, California – Local Outreach – 2011

We had an amazing local outreach at Oceanside Pier. A soul winning team met together prayed, and God gave us specific words of knowledge for this Treasure Hunt on Oceanside Pier. The Holy Spirit led us to this location and we discovered this was a day of prayer & healing on the beaches. As soon as we arrived we ministered to a woman with stage 4 cancer, we prayed for many healings and saw God touch many people. A group of teens got saved, many military marines were saved, and we saw over 35 people come to know the Lord this day. It was a powerful day of ministry on the beaches, we even water baptized some of the new believers.

San Marcos, California – Local Park Outreach – 2011

“Pirates in the Park” was our theme for this local outreach. In pirate and clown costumes we witnessed to all who were at the park that day. We made balloon animals, gave out candy, and entertained the families who were enjoying the park that day. We saw groups of teens saved, children saved, and families saved. It was an awesome to see God touch our community through the Love of God.

Mexico City, Mexico – 2007

In July of 2007, pastors Daniel and Theresa Jones led a team of thirteen short-term missionaries from Summit to Mexico City, Mexico, where we were joined by team ‘Todos debien saber’ (Everyone ought to know) under the leadership of Missionary Ted Russell. The two teams combined their skills and presented dramas, skits, songs, dances, mimes and clowning. Performances were given in many venues including the Zo’calo (square in Mexico City), streets, parks and local churches. We performed in an auditorium packed with children and saw a huge harvest of both children and adults! Over 350 souls were won to the Lord and miraculous healings occurred throughout the trip. We thank God for such an awesome trip!

Mexico – 2004

2004 – A Summit team of fifty people to Mexico for a mission trip. The team reached out to the community through a street carnival. The team ministered to the children through the arts: drama, dance, mime, and street witnessing.